Wednesday, November 22, 2017

2.5 Years

Sweet Pea at 2 and a half:
-33 lbs and 38.5 inches
-4T clothes and size 8 shoes
-sleeps 8:30 P.M.-6:30 A.M. and takes a 2-hour nap
-loves all things girly. Dresses, high heels, jewelry, purses...
-naturally much neater and tidier than the boys
-favorite snack is nuts, especially almonds and cashews
-starting to pretend fun!
-wants to wear her Cinderella princess dress every single day
-girly, but also wants to do what her brothers do. The Cinderella princess dress goes in the sandbox, on the trampoline, and in the fort.
-definitely some 2-year-old attitude
-mimics Mommy. She'll be quite excited when she's old enough to fix hair, put on makeup, etc.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

5 Years

The sweet and feisty littlest guy at 5 years:
-4'1" and 53 lbs
-size 6 clothes and size 2 shoe
-sleeps 8 P.M. - 6:30 A.M.
-doing preschool 2 mornings a week and loving it
-recently dropped the training wheels from his bike and hasn't looked back
-still not very interested in reading but has taken quite an interest in math
-keeps up with his big brothers but also enjoys playing with his little sister
-curious about everything; loves to shadow adults and ask questions about what they are doing (especially Daddy and Grandpa)
-loves: scooter, bike, stories, art, Legos
-wanted a dinosaur birthday. He even wore a full dinosaur costume that Grandma made for Uncle Steve when he was 5. Rawr!

Monday, July 31, 2017

7 Years

The middlest boy at 7 years old:
-4'4.5" and 58 lbs
-size 7 clothes and size 2 shoes
-sleeps 8:30 PM-6:30 AM
-has a crime-fighting club and has built all sorts of crime-fighting tools from items found in the garage
-our pickiest eater but getting better!
-likes to tell jokes
-it may take him an hour to do a task but it will be done thoroughly
-still reads all the time
-loves to rollerblade
-enjoys his friends but is just as content to play by himself
-is usually pretending to be either Spiderman or a ninja

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

8.5 Years

The biggest guy at 8-and-a-half:

-4'9" and 74 lbs
-size 10 clothes and size 5 shoes
-sleeps 8:30 PM-6:00 AM
-favorites: Legos, cooking, the color blue, being in charge, electronics
-full speed ahead at all times
-loves trinkets and collectibles. Always asking for more storage spaces because he can't part with any of them.
-often asks to make us breakfast in bed. Yes, please.
-getting pretty good at mowing the yard, woohoo!
-always thinking of things to save his money for. Rarely actually saving it.
-has the best mom in the world (this is what he told me to write when I asked him. I wonder what he wants?)

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Two Years

Kya turned 2! We are starting to see a bit of that 2-year-old behavior, but for the most part her disposition is still sweet. At 2:
-31.5 lbs and 36 inches
-3T clothes and size 7 shoes
-sleeps 8 PM-7 AM and takes a 1.5-hour nap
-20 teeth
-still loves puppies and babies
-possibly our most polite child...usually says please and thank-you
-obsessed with shoes and wants to pick out her own
-loves to chew gum
-since she's around boys so much, she really notices when another girl is around and tries to imitate them
-often tells us she's a ballerina
-somewhat independent. When we ask if she needs help, she says, "I help myself."
-favorites: cuties, baths, her Daddy, the color pink

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

4.5 Years

Our sweet, big-eyed, expressive, loud Thing 3 at four-and-a-half:

-3'10" and 38 lbs
-size 6 clothes and size 1 shoes
-sleeps 8 PM-6:30 AM
-favorite color has changed to purple
-other current favorites: Legos, dinosaurs, tree-climbing, digging, food, dogs
-budding artist. He's very careful and thorough when drawing or coloring.
-not terribly interested in learning to read but loves to write. Often copies from books, signs, movie covers, etc.
-friendly kid who loves to talk to anyone who will listen

Thursday, April 13, 2017

21 Months

Probably time for the 21-month post (since she's 23 months!). Kya at 21 months:

-30 lbs and 35 inches
-2T clothes and size 6 shoes
-sleeps 8 PM-6:30 AM and takes a 1.5-hour nap
-no haircut yet, although there is finally enough hair to clip in a bow!
-16 teeth
-definitely a girl: talks all the time and even tells us how she feels
-has a pretty good little pout and has developed quite an ear-piercing scream
-adores her big brothers
-loves all animals but especially puppies

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

6.5 Years

The pose I made him do:
 And the poses he wanted to do:

Zane at 6.5:
-4'2" and 55 lbs
-size 6 clothes and size 2 shoe
-sleeps 8 PM-6:30 AM
-4 teeth lost
-still the laid-back one of the boys
-enjoying kindergarten and especially loves math
-if you can't find him, he's most likely off reading a book, out in the "woods," or building with Legos
-playing basketball for the first time and loving it
-constantly whistling or daydreaming. Or both.
-into skateboarding and rollerblading
-kind, generous, big-hearted kid

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

8 Years

Ah, the 8-year-old. Here's his picture:

 Here's his picture when we told him to smile:

 and act excited:

Crazy kid. Brock at 8 years:

-4'7" and 67 lbs
-size 8/10 or large clothes and size 4 shoe
-sleeps 8:30 PM-6 AM
-can be an excellent big brother or a tormenting big brother, depending on his mood
-speaking of moods, you'd think the kid was already a teenager
-continues to be incredibly helpful
-still leaves what we affectionately refer to as "Brock trails" (messes everywhere he goes)
-has a million ideas and always has a project going. The projects are usually awesome but tend to leave Brock trails.
-budding entrepreneur. I'm forever finding business plans he's written.
-loves to ripstick and can now land an aerial and a 180 on the trampoline
-doing well in school though he hates to sit still for it
-rode his first big roller coasters this summer and is now obsessed. Seriously, he talks about roller coasters EVERY. DAY. He has also started building his own with Knex, which is pretty cool.

We love you, big guy, and we're excited to see what God does with your life!

18 Months

The littlest munchkin at 18 months:

-34 inches and 27.5 lbs
-2T clothes and size 7 shoe
-sleeps 8 PM-6 AM and takes a 2-hour nap
-slightly more hair...perhaps she'll need the first haircut before she turns 2?
-16 teeth
-speech has really taken off in the last couple of months. She uses quite a few phrases and short sentences.
-continues to love babies, puppies, and shoes
-any time music comes on she shows us her dance moves
-sits for long periods looking through books
-absolute favorite food is trail mix. She asks for it multiple times a day.
-has started singing. It's precious.
-loves to bounce on the big trampoline.

We love this Sweet Pea!