Saturday, August 27, 2016

15 Months

She's quite girly, but you can also tell she has 3 big brothers! Miss K at 15 months:

-32 inches and 25.5 pounds
-2T clothes
-size 5 shoes
-sleeps 8 P.M.-6:30 A.M. and naps 1.5 hours
-10 teeth
-Favorite phrase: "Bye, guys." Said as she grins, waves, and walks out the door.
-She has a decent vocabulary but really doesn't talk that much.
-loves being outside and playing on the trampoline
-the girly side: babies, shoes, jewelry, puppies, dancing
-makes school difficult for us as she enjoys scaling the table and munching crayons
-continues to be pretty calm and laid-back. Sits and plays by herself or looks at books for long stretches of times.
-still not much hair. At least we don't have to brush it!


Anonymous said...

Hope to see you again soon and get a big hug. You have a beautiful smile, Miss K. We love you lots!!
Grandma and Grandpa E.

Danielle said...

These kiddos always brighten my day!