Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Four Years

Lots of life, lots of sweet, lots of stubborn. Cade at 4 years:
-3'9'' and 45 lbs
-Size 5 clothes and size 13 shoes
-Sleeps 8 P.M.-6:30 A.M. and naps about half the time. Tends to be a bear by 5 P.M. when he doesn't nap.
-Favorite color is still yellow
-Has some pretty strong opinions and occasionally becomes a force to be reckoned with when his expectations aren't met
-Still mostly sweet and loves to cuddle, read books, and play with Mommy and Daddy
-Keeps us laughing with hilarious facial expressions when he talks
-Has difficulty speaking in a normal volume. 90% of the time his comments come out as a shout.
-Loves playing with his big brothers and is super sweet with his little sister
-Loves to pretend he is a "dad lion"


Anonymous said...

Your cake looks neat! I bet it tasted grrreat! Love Grandma and Grandpa E

Joyce said...

Oh my goodness this guy never fails to make me laugh- well almost never. Love that ornery smile.