Wednesday, December 14, 2016

8 Years

Ah, the 8-year-old. Here's his picture:

 Here's his picture when we told him to smile:

 and act excited:

Crazy kid. Brock at 8 years:

-4'7" and 67 lbs
-size 8/10 or large clothes and size 4 shoe
-sleeps 8:30 PM-6 AM
-can be an excellent big brother or a tormenting big brother, depending on his mood
-speaking of moods, you'd think the kid was already a teenager
-continues to be incredibly helpful
-still leaves what we affectionately refer to as "Brock trails" (messes everywhere he goes)
-has a million ideas and always has a project going. The projects are usually awesome but tend to leave Brock trails.
-budding entrepreneur. I'm forever finding business plans he's written.
-loves to ripstick and can now land an aerial and a 180 on the trampoline
-doing well in school though he hates to sit still for it
-rode his first big roller coasters this summer and is now obsessed. Seriously, he talks about roller coasters EVERY. DAY. He has also started building his own with Knex, which is pretty cool.

We love you, big guy, and we're excited to see what God does with your life!


Joyce said...

He is sure expanding his world! I love Brock trails.

Anonymous said...

You're growing up so fast! Can't wait for a hug soon! We love you so much! Grandma and Grandpa E.