Wednesday, January 11, 2017

6.5 Years

The pose I made him do:
 And the poses he wanted to do:

Zane at 6.5:
-4'2" and 55 lbs
-size 6 clothes and size 2 shoe
-sleeps 8 PM-6:30 AM
-4 teeth lost
-still the laid-back one of the boys
-enjoying kindergarten and especially loves math
-if you can't find him, he's most likely off reading a book, out in the "woods," or building with Legos
-playing basketball for the first time and loving it
-constantly whistling or daydreaming. Or both.
-into skateboarding and rollerblading
-kind, generous, big-hearted kid


Anonymous said...

You're growing so fast. We love your wonderful smile and generous spirit. We're excited to see you play basketball! See you soon. Love, Grandma and Grandpa E.

Joyce said...

Just love his compassionate, giving spirit!