Thursday, April 13, 2017

21 Months

Probably time for the 21-month post (since she's 23 months!). Kya at 21 months:

-30 lbs and 35 inches
-2T clothes and size 6 shoes
-sleeps 8 PM-6:30 AM and takes a 1.5-hour nap
-no haircut yet, although there is finally enough hair to clip in a bow!
-16 teeth
-definitely a girl: talks all the time and even tells us how she feels
-has a pretty good little pout and has developed quite an ear-piercing scream
-adores her big brothers
-loves all animals but especially puppies


Joyce said...

Such a sweetheart. Love her so much.

Anonymous said...

We're looking forward to seeing you soon. You're getting so grown up! We love you!
Grandma and Grandpa E.