Wednesday, May 17, 2017

4.5 Years

Our sweet, big-eyed, expressive, loud Thing 3 at four-and-a-half:

-3'10" and 38 lbs
-size 6 clothes and size 1 shoes
-sleeps 8 PM-6:30 AM
-favorite color has changed to purple
-other current favorites: Legos, dinosaurs, tree-climbing, digging, food, dogs
-budding artist. He's very careful and thorough when drawing or coloring.
-not terribly interested in learning to read but loves to write. Often copies from books, signs, movie covers, etc.
-friendly kid who loves to talk to anyone who will listen


Anonymous said...

You are getting very grown-up looking. We had so much fun with you in Florida! We love you very much - see you this summer!
Love, Grandma and Grandpa E.

Joyce said...

He is such a sweet, adorable, cuddly ball of energy and makes us laugh so much!