Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Two Years

Kya turned 2! We are starting to see a bit of that 2-year-old behavior, but for the most part her disposition is still sweet. At 2:
-31.5 lbs and 36 inches
-3T clothes and size 7 shoes
-sleeps 8 PM-7 AM and takes a 1.5-hour nap
-20 teeth
-still loves puppies and babies
-possibly our most polite child...usually says please and thank-you
-obsessed with shoes and wants to pick out her own
-loves to chew gum
-since she's around boys so much, she really notices when another girl is around and tries to imitate them
-often tells us she's a ballerina
-somewhat independent. When we ask if she needs help, she says, "I help myself."
-favorites: cuties, baths, her Daddy, the color pink


Anonymous said...

A real darling! Love, Grandpa and Grandma E

Joyce said...

She is such a loving, caring young lady already. Such a huge delight to our lives!